Customer Satisfaction & Complaint Management ISO 10001:2007, ISO 10002:2014 ,ISO 10003: 2007, ISO 10004:2012

Customer Satisfaction and Complaints Handling ISO series

ISO 10001, 10002, 10003 and 10004


Managing your customer satisfaction and complaints effectively and more chance of meeting their needs and expectations are achieved.

Every complaint is an opportunity to improve what you do and how you do it.

One of the most important business challenges is achieving customers’ satisfaction and providing a clear and easy communication channels to listen to their complaints and feedback.

Customer satisfaction and complaints management systems are essentially to obtain the recognition of UAE federal government 7 stars rating standard for service centers.

Key Benefits of Standards

  • Improves customers’ satisfaction rates and results,
  • Achieve operational efficiency by identify trends and causes of complaints,
  • Resolve more complaints by adopting a more customer-focused approach,
  • Engage staff with new customer service training opportunities,
  • Integrate customer satisfaction and complaints management with ISO 9001 to improve overall efficiency,
  • Monitor and continually improve your customer satisfaction and complaints handling process.
  • Better understanding of your business needs and problems.

Our role:

RAI will assist you in developing a tailored documented Customer Service management systems that includes:

  • Conducting Gap Analysis,
  • Conducting Awareness Training of the system,
  • Prepare all needed Policies, Manual and Procedures.
  • Implementation Support,
  • Check (Internal Audit),
  • Prepare Corrective Actions Plans,
  • Credibility and international recognition by certification bodies.
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