Six Sigma : ISO 13053-1:2011,ISO 13053-2:2011,ISO 17258:2015,ISO 18404:2015

Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma


Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma methodologies seeking to eliminate waste and variation in all business processes, transforming it into investment opportunities for growth.

It is a statistical measurement that reflects process capability, perfectly correlated to characteristics that include defects per unit, parts per million defective, and the probability of failure or error.

Key Benefits of Applying Six Sigma:

  • Increased Efficiency,
  • Improved Customer Loyalty,
  • Time Management,
  • Reduced Cycle Time,
  • Employee Motivation,
  • Strategic Planning,
  • Supply Chain Management,
  • Higher-Quality Output.

Our Role:

RAI will assist you in developing a tailored documented Six Sigma methodology management system that ensures:

  • Identifying strengths & weaknesses in operational areas & processes,
  • Recommending ways to rectify identified weaknesses,
  • Assisting during the implementation of those recommendations,
  • Monitoring the improvements made,
  • Companies are under constant pressure to improve their performance and RAI consultants are very often able to assist in the process,
  • Conducting Awareness Training of the system,
  • Prepare all needed Policies, Manual and Procedures.
  • Check (Internal Audit),
  • Prepare Corrective Actions Plans,
  • Credibility and international recognition by certification bodies.
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