Strategy & Business Excellence

Design, prepare and execute the business strategy, based on perfect planning & target determination:

By taking the best decisions, the ones that will serve both short-term objectives & secure organization position in the future,

The challenge is to prefer the realistic strategy rather than the best strategy, and effectively support its implementation to realize the potential for progress.

Business Excellence could be according to EFQM and to UAE Excellence Model.


  • Assists in the organizational strategic planning, setting necessary Strategy Maps, operational plans and organizational structures to ensure their successful implementation,
  • Assists in developing and improving corporate performance improvement through the design of key performance measures & indicators, which aligns with overall organizational strategies,
  • Designs Balanced Scorecard system to ensure successful implementation of strategies,
  • Do tailor made business documentation and process mapping based on the EFQM and UAE G4 Excellence model framework which ensures the achieving leadership goals being an excellence model,
  • Can support you strongly in the preparation for the development, implementation and submittal of the below Governmental Excellence Awards Criteria:
  • Emirates Government Service Excellence
  • Dubai Government Excellence Program
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